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 Posted: October 14th, 2012

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Sup nigs, welcome to Teh-NoN, or Night of Nigga. We are an online community based on flash cartoons (I'm lazy and I get nothing done anymore) and community gaming.. We have a live stream at so we can sit back and watch other users stream gameplay.


    Topics that are NSFW (not safe for work if you didn't know) should be labled with "NSFW" in the title.

    Hyperlinks leading to NSFW material should be posted along with a warning.

    Overly offensive material will be deleted.

    Spamming is allowed, but is preferred to be kept in the Spam Arena.

    Keep hotlinked images to a minimum. That steals the host's bandwidth, and that's lame.

    If you are a streamer, don't hijack the stream. (Beginning your gameplay while another user is streaming.

    No insanely large sigs and images that break the board layout.

    No posts that consist entirely of smileys.

    Travis is chicken

    steel is transgender


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